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12611 Hymeadow Dr, Austin, TX 78729

Sports Performance Training




CATZ Sports Performance Training and Physical Therapy provides dynamic programming focused on developing complete athletes. We believe that sport performance training leads to success in sport and life. Our goal is to provide services to create GREAT athletes. GREAT athletes are fast, strong, confident, smart and mentally tough leaders.

At CATZ our #1 emphasis is training athletes safely. Our training programs focus on functional movement, including correct posture and technique, and fostering a competitive and POSITIVE attitude in each athlete. We use CHAOS Training to train movement, rather than simply muscles, which allows us to simulate competition and develop athleticism.

C – conscious to subconscious

H – have unpredictability

A – active to reactive

O – open drills

S – slow to fast



Performance Training at CATZ Austin is a program that includes all concepts of training for sports.  Classes have an 8:1 Athlete to Coach ratio, to ensure personalized feedback for each athlete.

Interested in becoming a more well-rounded athlete? Our classes include:

1. Warm-Up and Flexibility – to maximize the body’s potential to train, it must first warm up with multi-directional movement and lengthen the muscles through dynamic flexibility.

2. Injury Prevention – to help aid in avoiding injuries of all types, stabilization training for the core, shoulders, knees and ankles is done through balance, awareness, and proprioceptive exercises.

3. Speed/Agility – explosive movement comes into play in all sports, and the best way to train for them is near the beginning of the workout while the central nervous system is still firing at it’s peak. Expect plyometric exercises, foot speed, and change of direction work in this series.

4. Strength and Conditioning – this series is centered around specific movements that are key to the body’s ability to stay strong throughout a game. Squat patterns, lunging, body weight strengthening, and single leg strength are just a few of the exercise patterns that are trained in this series. The conditioning work is based upon either aerobic or anaerobic sets, depending upon the athletes’ needs, and are hidden within fun, game-like activities that challenge the athletes without being monotonous and boring.


1. Youth Group Performance Training

2. Adult Fitness

3. One on One Training

4. Sport Specific Skills Training

5. Group Skills

6. Team Training

CATZ has something for everyone; young, old, healthy, injured, professional or beginner we have a program for you!

Physical Therapy consults and your first Sport Training session are free, so come join us and PREPARE TO BE GREAT!